Understand Anything

My Teaching Approach

I have a deep and abiding passion for teaching, and I love helping people of all ages "get it", whether it be in technical competency in mathematics, confidence in problem-solving, deep questions of philosophy, physics, songwriting, art, or any other academic or creative discipline. I am fascinated in everything, and it is a great pleasure for me to share that enthusiasm with students of all ages. For me, the finest moments in teaching are when something "clicks" in a student's mind, and they suddenly see things open up in a way they previously couldn't. Light dawns! Mathematics and philosophy are my primary areas of interest, but I have always gone for breadth of approach, looking for contexts, analogies, links, and new ways of explaining. I learn in every lesson, and from every student. I have always found teaching the most wonderful challenge. In my experience, anyone can understand anything. They simply need the right place to hang the memories.

Understand Anything

What You Can Expect

You can expect to understand whatever you want to understand! I have yet to find a pupil I was unable to help. Perhaps you're preparing for an important exam? Perhaps your learning has been disrupted by Covid-19? Perhaps you've lost confidence in your abilities? Perhaps you've always sensed the magic of the unknown, and you would like that magic to excite you, rather than scaring the bejeesus out of you? Whatever your level of ability, whatever your goals, we can get there. It will take work, of course, but, if there is determination on the part of the student, the results will follow. My promise is that the time we spend working together will be as fruitful as any you can spend. I recognise that tuition is a financial commitment, but I take pride in the fact that the time will be worth it. I don't believe the old adage: "You can either do maths or you can't." With the right support, I believe you can understand anything.

Understand Anything

Experience and Qualifications

Since recieving an MMath from Magdalen College, Oxford, and a stint teaching in Kenya, I have learned my trade at the globally renowned Westminster School. Fifteen years of experience teaching in the most academically rigorous and broad-minded school environment has taught me a great deal. This has allowed my personal approach, which is open-minded and flexible, to grow alongside the craft of teaching technical rigour, such as is required in all forms of mathematics. For the last ten years, I have taught there three days a week, spending the rest of the time tutoring and pursuing a variety of creative interests.

Understand Anything

Privacy and Security

As a teacher currently employed by Westminster School, I am DBS checked, and trained in all aspects of child protection. I also have long experience in teaching pupils who have lost confidence, or those who find mathematics alarming. The fact that I am not limited to a narrow "mathematical" worldview, means that I can find ways to connect with students of all ages, backgrounds, abilities and attitudes, so as to ensure that every student, adult or child, feels entirely comfortable, and that the learning environment is one in which the student feels entirely at ease.

"Giles taught my flat mate and I quantum physics for dummies every Thursday for a few weeks. The experience was literally life changing. His ability to jump from maths to physics to philosophy all in a way that could be explained to someone as ignorant as myself is truly humbling and something I will always be grateful for"

Fred G, Waterloo.

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