Giles Hayter


Understand Anything

Tuition Online and in London

I offer top-quality mathematics, philosophy, physics and songwriting tuition to students of all ages, online, and also, by arrangement, in Central/South London. Online, I teach using a graphics tablet, video chat, and a shared online whiteboard, so that explanations are fully audiovisual. The student will require a good internet connection, and the facility for video-conferencing; some kind of graphics tablet and stylus is useful, but not essential.

My methods are extremely flexible, and I will tailor my approach to the student's needs. With fifteen years of classroom teaching experience, I have taught perhaps a thousand students, and have many approaches under my belt. Every student is unique. As such, I make a point of using no set materials, providing no handouts, and dictating no notes. In my experience, all of that distracts from the real task, which is loving learning. And that is a quintessentially human trait. Once the student feels the buzz of "getting it", the positivity feeds on itself, and the student learns rapidly, aware that they are the only asset that matters.

So, my teaching approach is simple: I find out what the pupil doesn't understand or enjoy, and help them understand and enjoy it. I take great pleasure in finding the fifth or sixth way of explaining something: the one that finally gets through the impasse. I follow the guidance of the student's particular conceptual framework, and let the pupil's understanding develop naturally. That way, the pupil is consistently challenged at the highest level they can manage, while feeling supported throughout. I specialise in instilling confidence in those who have either lost it, or never really found it in the first place.

"Words cannot describe everything."

Wumen Huikai