Giles Hayter



What Others Have Said

"Giles was unquestionably the best maths teacher to teach my children, all of whom went to top private schools."

"Giles taught my flat mate and I quantum physics for dummies every Thursday for a few weeks. The experience was literally life changing. His ability to jump from maths to physics to philosophy all in a way that could be explained to someone as ignorant as myself is truly humbling and something I will always be grateful for."

"Giles has a highly intelligent mind and, which is not so common a combination, an exceptional ability to bring clarity and comprehension."

"I write to recommend, very enthusiastically indeed, Giles Hayter as a tutor."

"Giles made the learning feel as though we were on a level playing field and helped us be comfortable asking questions which may have come across basic in a lot of quantum physics classes but Giles' way allowed us to explore our abstract thoughts further. The combination of the classes being both scientific in theory and philo-sophical in practice made for an ever exciting level of conversation."

"All my family members repeatedly said that he enabled them to understand and also therefore to remember countless things in a way that no other teacher had been able to do. I have no doubt that in every relevant exam they achieved at least a grade higher than they otherwise would have done."

"I could not recommend Giles more."

"Love only that which happens to you"

Marcus Aurelius